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March 8-14, 2015

The biggest Junior Cross Country event in North America is returning to the ASC Training Center and Far West. This annual National Championships will draw 400+ of the very best 14-19 year old skiers for a week of hard fought competition on the challenging ASC Training Center courses. Through a tough qualifying process each of the 10 USSA divisions will bring their very best to the start line at ASCTC. This is truly a National Championships in every sense and the proving grounds for future Olympians.

Latest News

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2015 Cross Country Junior Nationals – Volunteers

Thank you for generously offering your time and energy to help with the 2015 Junior National Cross Country Championships. We encourage you to share this opportunity with friends and family as we need volunteers for race days as well as the social … [Read More...]


JN 2015 Video Contest & Film Festival

All USSA clubs, athletes and divisions are invited to participate in the JN 2015 Video contest & Film Festival. We are looking for clubs and teams to produce videos that creatively represent the life of a nordic team in the months leading up to … [Read More...]


Ready for Snow!

ASC Training Center is now officially ready for snow! … [Read More...]


Trail Improvements

Trail improvements for the 2015 JN's are underway. Huge snow packs are legendary here on Donner Summit but after one of the lowest snow falls on record we are not taking any chances. We'll be skiing this fall on 6 inches of snow. … [Read More...]


JN Schedule Confirmed

The coaches committee at USSA Congress last week confirmed our JN schedule. March 2015 5-7 Training, courses marked 7 Waxing cabins available to divisions 8 Official training day Opening ceremonies 9 Freestyle Sprint 10 Training Day 11 … [Read More...]


We are looking forward to hosting JN’s next March

2005 JN relay stadium at ASC Training Center. We are looking forward to hosting JN's next March. … [Read More...]


2015 will be the 4th time ASC has hosted JN’s

2015 will be the 4th time ASC has hosted JN's. Anyone recognize any of these athletes? … [Read More...]

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